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Hypnotherapy for Gastric Band (Hypno Gastric Band)

“Everything you need to lose weight – and keep it off!”

It doesn’t matter what weight loss plan you try if you still have subconscious habits to self-sabotage your weight loss goals. If your self-sabotage habits remain, you’ll remain overweight.

Have you tried other ways to lose weight?

Have you been unable to keep the weight off?

No idea why you can’t maintain your ideal body weight?

Unless you are willing to embrace change and achieve long-term weight loss results – you will always stay stuck in the same patterns.

Energy Healing Weight Loss Hypnosis Program gives you the mindset that aligns with your ideal body weight. You will experience significant changes regarding your unwanted behaviours, your feelings and your response to food and activity level.

So, what can you expect from our Weight Loss Hypnosis Program’s “inside-out approach?”

Session 1: “Change Your Food-Relationship”

  1. Gain a “Take It or Leave It Attitude” to unhealthy food
  2. Reverse the (unconscious) “parts of you” currently forcing you to overeat or eat the wrong kinds of food (through precision- hypnosis)
  3. Align all the (unconscious) “parts of you” so you only eat in a sensible and balanced way that leads to good health… and your ideal body weight.
  4. Create a strong desire for healthy eating and a balanced diet
  5. Develop a “natural craving to eat” only wholesome, healthy low-fat foods.

You don’t’ have to remove certain foods from your fridge (or cupboards).

Session 2: “Defuse Your Emotional Triggers”

Session Two (2) of this precision-hypnotherapy (in Melbourne) helps you to:

  1. Defuse your “emotional triggers” that make you eat.
  2. Handle and overcome stressful situations that arise in your day.
  3. Naturally feel more complete, whole, and “full” on the inside.
  4. Remove unhealthy “food cravings”
  5. Feel great now (before losing weight, and maximise your self-esteem

Session 3: “Make Yourself a Health Magnet”

On a “conscious level,” you probably already know what you should and shouldn’t eat. But, consciously knowing is NOT enough. In this session, using “precision-hypnotherapy” you’ll:

  1. Clear the way for your unconscious to learn new healthy eating habits.
  2. Install (within your unconscious) a new pattern of eating.
  3. Naturally start preferring the taste of the healthy food.
  4. Automatically find yourself buying healthy foods that support your weight loss

Session 4: “Release Your Body’s Beauty”

  1. Experience “precision-hypnosis” to connect you with your innate energy and vitality.
  2. Discover “secrets” to re-ignite your motivation through energy and movement.
  3. Automatically have more energy and vitality to speed up your metabolism.
  4. Naturally become more physically active in your day-to-day life.
  5. Align your body with the ideal weight you’ve set for yourself.

Session 5: “Get Your Future Road Map”

  1. Continue to progress and stay on track with your weight-loss goals…without having to use will-power or regimented discipline.
  2. Totally align your unconscious with your weight loss goal (your ideal body weight).
  3. Reinforce and strengthen your other four (4) session…and components of the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program.
  4. Create (using precision-hypnosis) a future “road-map” for your unconscious to follow with my Weight Loss Recipe Cheat Sheet – Your R.E.C.I.P.E. for Success!

While you complete the Weight Loss Hypnosis Program, you will:

  1. Look in the mirror, and see “proof” that you can be slimmer
  2. Do all the right things to lose weight, unconsciously
  3. Amaze yourself and others with your ability to lose weight and be slim

The Energy Healing Weight Loss Hypnosis Program Helps You Say Good-bye to Dieting and Other Weight-Loss Programs – For Good, Once and For All.

All the “inside-out” changes you make to your thoughts, feelings, behaviour patterns and habits (around food, health, and exercise) …will stay with you.

  • You won’t pile the kilos back on (like you inevitably do in diets or other programs)
  • Your weight won’t “yo-yo” (like it does on most enforced diets)

  • You’ll never feel like you are living less than a full and fun-filled life.