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Hypnotherapy for Co-Dependency

Getting help for Co-Dependency

  • Have you dealt with narcissistic parents, partners or friends?
  • Are you a victim of childhood trauma?
  • Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or loneliness?
  • Is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a recurring theme in your life?
  • Is “moving on” a scary thought for you?
  • Have you tried books, courses, therapies, and affirmations, with no luck?

You are not alone, and more importantly, help is available.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, reach out and book a confidential chat with me. Together, we can discuss:

  • How to free ourselves of the trauma and belief systems we’ve been conditioned to from childhood;
  • How to stop repeating those negative patterns that turn into unhealthy relationships;
  • Breaking free of the notion that to heal we have to live and relive every trauma;
  • How to stop feeling that you can only be loved if you are achieving or making others happy.

Do you believe that this is achievable for you?

The process of healing has to begin in our subconscious, and often with our inner child. What good is outward healing if we don’t address what’s going on inside? Join me on the safe and holistic journey of hypnosis, where we work to reprogram your fears, doubts and pain, shifting trauma from your body to overhaul your heart and mindset.

Replace trauma with self-love, care and respect for your inner being

Allow your pain and trauma to heal, releasing emotional blockages that cause grief and inner turmoil along the way. There is no healing when we replay the same story over and over again.

It is not uncommon to worry about rehashing old patterns and negative thinking repeatedly – but my goal is to help you heal, not desensitise you. In a safe space, we uncover family patterns and painful memories that transcend adulthood and then mend them together with time and treatment.

Just like any source of discomfort, we have to treat the cause, not ease the symptoms. Has the time come to meet your inner child, ask them what they need, and then nurture them until they grow with you, not in spite of you?

Hypnotherapy for co-dependency can help you to let go of the trauma and start breathing, healing, and living with your true self.

Trauma bonding

  • Are you on a merry go round of abusive relationships?
  • When one bad relationship ends, do you fall into another one?
  • Are you seeking comfort from the wrong people?
  • Do you crave unconditional love and seek healthy bonds that end up hurting you?
  • Why do you allow people to disrespect and abuse you?

How did this happen to me?

The answer lies in our childhood. The feeling that we never received love and approval from our parents, family members and those close to us, or the way we built walls to protect us as children translate into “putting our guards up” as adults. As children of parents with narcissistic tendencies, we tend to repeat those patterns embedded in us from childhood and become attracted to partners who treat us in the same way. Their toxic energy is familiar with the inner child within.

The feeling of parents who withheld love and affection as a means of controlling us as children transcends into our adult relationships – this is called conditioning. Defined as a behavioural process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, it is no surprise that after years of exposure to particular behaviours, we see ourselves seeking the same behaviours as an adult. For some people, it’s all they know, particularly those that dealt with narcissism.

Trauma bonding with a narcissist – But How?

The narcissist is one who manipulates others emotionally and psychologically, believing that they are always right. They do not understand empathy as others do, as they are significantly selfish and have a craving for admiration to build their own sense of self-esteem. When we start a relationship with a narcissist, it can be made to feel somewhat intense and special. We will most likely give him or her our undivided attention, but take a step back and you’ll realise that this is because they demand nothing less. The process of trauma bonding begins when a narcissistic person exploits your love and affection. Much like our childhood experiences with narcissistic parents, this may feel familiar and comfortable to our child within. We become desperate for approval as the narcissist thrives on your love and support. Traumatic bonding comes from the narcissist building up a cycle of manipulation and overall control. We fall vulnerable to this and believe we are creating a relationship of trust and connection. But it is really a false state of intimacy.

You can be healed

And I want to show you how. Childhood patterns and beliefs can be mended when we acknowledge them and start paying the right attention to them. Like a nagging pain, we can live with it but it becomes increasingly harder to function as we leave it untreated – not dissimilar to trauma, and as life happens and things change for us, so does this trauma, often manifesting into things like anger, withdrawal, and resentment.

Acknowledging that these patterns are the driving forces behind the way we manage our adult relationships can be the beginning of healing.

Healing with Hypnosis, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Energy Healing can change these patterns hidden deep in our subconscious minds, learning to love ourselves and to create healthy boundaries with others, therefore living a life FREE of EMOTIONAL ABUSE…

Hypnosis breaks old habits

Our therapy sessions will help you break free from unhealthy relationships, helping you to develop a loving relationship with yourself. If you can’t first love yourself, how can you let someone else do it for you?

Do you want to rediscover your VALUE and WORTH? Let’s begin your journey to recovery.