Client M

I have been seeing Astrid on and off for the past 5 years for a range of personal issues from depression & anxiety, to eating habits and positive manifestation, usually in blocks of 3 sessions and off I went. Each time I had varying results.

It wasn’t until last year that I started to see her on a more regular basis and wow! What a difference. 3 sessions for an issue that can be pretty deeply rooted just doesn’t cut it. It’s pretty hard to admit that you do have some problems and let go enough to work on and clear them with Astrid’s guidance. But the more I work on certain issues and continue to see Astrid, the results are amazing.

We all have different issues so I won’t go into mine but once you get to the bottom of the issue, trust in Astrid and work though it, you’ll feel like a different person! I’m a lot more confident, the anxiety is gone, my eating habits are better (we all have down days) I can calmly work through stressful situations now instead of flying off the handle, life is just more even, happy and positive.

I can not recommend Astrid highly enough.