Client K

I first started seeing Astrid when I was experiencing large amounts of anxiety, depression and an unhealthy attachment to an ex of mine that I was unable to cope with or overcome myself.

This included experiencing anxiety and lacking confidence when performing tasks at work which usually come naturally to me, e.g. facilitating workshops, making tough decisions, senior stakeholder engagement and managing my team members. It also included having my ex in my thought process constantly and overthinking what had happened in the relationship which I knew was super unhealthy but couldn’t shake it.

After my initial session with Astrid, I felt an automatic shift in my anxiety levels, negative thought processes, a slight detachment to my ex and experienced what it is to feel calm for the first time in my life!

Through open, honest, caring, nurturing and transparent conversation, Astrid was able to identify with ease what was causing /triggering these emotions. Using a combination of counselling and hypnosis over a 5 week period, I’m a completely different human!

My mind and body now instinctively guides me to a calm place during periods of stress or when my anxiety is triggered and I feel completely and utterly detached from any thoughts about my ex.

Through this process I’ve attracted a wonderful man into my life, and the beginning of what I believe to be my healthiest relationship in 5 years. I’ve also regained confidence and natural abilities at work.

I couldn’t be in a happier place. I can’t thank you enough Astrid!