Client D

I first went to Astrid to help me with some issues I had with my mum. There was a terrible lack of communication and misunderstanding which had been going on since I was 25yrs old. I was unable to be in the same room as my mum, couldn’t call her or even look at her.  Today, my mum & I have a great relationship  and a genuine love for each other. My mum helps me with my son.  She has looked after me when I’ve been sick and we are in a great space.

Astrid has also helped me with my son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and traits of Aspergers.  My son has suffered with a lot of aggressive behaviours  ie: throwing things, slamming doors, kicking holes through the wall and swearing at me. After six sessions with Astrid  he is now able to self regulate, he doesn’t get upset and angry like he used to.  He is calmer & does not swear.  He negotiates really well. Our relationship has become stronger and more loving.

Overtime, Astrid has helped me on a personal level with my confidence, resilience and believing in myself. Also loving myself for who I am. This has helped me greatly in my relationships. Today, I believe I am an amazing person with so much to offer She’s taught me to accept what we have in life as we do not live in a perfect world and none of us our perfect. This has helped me to be a much better mother.

Astrid is amazing with her hypnosis, she is results driven, passionate, patient and non judgemental.

She goes over and above to help her clients get to where they need to be. Her room is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the hypnosis.

Today, I sit in a space with so much gratitude for having the opportunity to have met this truly amazing person who has helped me so much.