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FAQs on Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful life-changing method used to treat a wide range of medical and psychological conditions. It works on updating the subconscious mind to induce a deep state of calm. After attaining a highly responsive state in which the subject is able to shut out their peripheral awareness, they are then able to change the perceptions in their mind and subconscious. By breathing, visualization and suggestion, the mind becomes open to deleting old habits and negative thought patterns and creating new and positive ones.Hypnotism only works when the practitioner and subject are working together in a totally co-operative state. Together we will choose an appropriate treatment modality to support your capacity to heal. 

Hypnotherapy is a drug and pain-free modality where many medical and psychological conditions can be helped. Hypnotherapy can have life-long effects, resulting in a happier, healthier and calmer state of mind and body. It can be used to address a multitude of conditions from drug dependency, weight management, phobias, depression and anxiety, stress, cancer, CFS to addiction and more. It can also deal with challenges relating to self-esteem, relationships, work/life balance and confidence. Hypnosis can assist with pain control, overcoming habits, and crisis management. The benefits are endless.
No. On the contrary, since you are the one who is best attuned to your own body and state of mind, you can contact me at any time to organize a consultation.
No. Hypnotherapy is a drug-free modality. Your own co-operation empowers you to have an incredible capacity to control your own mind and body, and this is what we harness through hypnosis.
3 – 5 sessions as a rule, however I tailor my treatments to each individual. Requirements can vary, depending on each person’s unique needs.
Yes. I hold everything you say in strict confidentiality and I will protect your privacy at all times.

No. A common misconception about hypnosis is that the subject can fall into a deep sleep and be in a vulnerable position. Although it is possible to go into a trance, the subject is always in control and most commonly a person is more awake, focused and able to deeply concentrate on a particular subject. In fact, an effective hypnosis session requires 100% cooperation from the subject in order to be effective.

Yes. All it takes is your willingness to undertake these treatments and tackle any of your concerns, and you are well on the way to undergoing successful therapy.

No. I am a certified hypnotherapist, and when on-site, hypnotherapy occurs in a therapeutic setting. On zoom or facetime, you are safely in a room of your own choosing. Hypnosis is a non-invasive approach to supporting people to manage, regulate and release many destructive conditions and behaviours.


Health Care Rebates

Hypnotherapy/hypnosis can be included as part of private health insurance coverage. This is a list of private health insurance providers that some of our services may be covered by. Please check with your health insurance provider to confirm eligibility.