Energy Healing for Anxiety, Depression and Stress

When you hear the term ‘energy healing’ – what is the first thought that crosses your mind? I’m often met with fascination and curiousity when asked what energy healing is all about.

Energy therapy is considered as alternative therapy, treatments that aim to restore the natural balance of health and mental peace within a person. It is a holistic practice that removes negative blocks from the body by activating energy systems. By breaking through these energy blocks – the body begins its process to heal itself.

Energy therapy effectively restores your body’s’ natural balance, and aids in physical pain, mental stress, psychological pain from trauma, spiritual well-being and reduce negative emotions.

It’s well known that mind, body and spiritual are all connected. When you are able to heal the mind, the rest of your symptoms will subside. When your life force is blocked, you can experience physical symptoms such as these below:

Jaw/Neck/TightnessFear/TraumaReleasing negative blockages
CFS/LupusPanic AttacksClear blockages
Heavy MetalsAnxietyFinancial Blocks
Toxins/AllergiesStress ManagementHealing DNA
CandidaPhobiasCutting ties that bind
CancerFear/TraumaClear limiting beliefs

Energy Therapy Facts

Energy Healing

You don’t need to be spiritual to benefit from energy therapy. 

You won’t need to understand the law of gravity if you fall over. You also don’t need to completely understand the concept of Energy Healing for it to make a positive impact of change for you. The main requirement is to maintain an open mind. If you are depressed, stressed or anxious, or physically exhausted – and energy healing session can help lift your spirit and make you feel more balanced and relaxed.

Energy Healing

Your mental health connects to your physical health.

All energy – whether around you, or inside you – is responsive to your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts can have adverse consequences to your energy which then caused issues within your body. For example: You might feel irritable, tired and angry – which then causes you to be physically sick. It is all interconnected. Having an energy healing session helps to rebalance your body’s energy levels to reduce physical symptoms that are causing you problems.

How Does It Work?

Energy Healing is a gentle, safe and highly effective method that can be used with both natural and traditional medications. Hypnosis is used as a tool to help create a calm, relaxed feeling for the client. Trigger Point Therapy (gentle massage on pressure points to clear mind and body) may also be used during the session.

Our subconscious contains our emotions, memories and deeply-held beliefs about ourselves. When you desire a change in your life – to live a life free from pain and negative emotions – energy therapy works to provide that level of healing.
Energy Therapy, in conjunction with Hypnosis, provides and intense and profound healing experience which helps you to realign, regenerate and focus.

Energy Healing

Life is filled with challenges and roadblocks – that’s just part of life. It doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward and living the life that you deserve.

As an experienced and qualified Energy Therapist, my role is to guide you on your path towards healing. Between 3-5 sessions are recommended to release resistance to patterns and energy blocks, and the reiteration in your subconscious to good health, energy and light.

Are you ready to take this journey with me?

Energy Healing

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