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Energy Therapy

Signs That You Are Blocked Energetically

  • What does your weight cost you, and is there a financial cost as well as an emotional and physical one?
  • Are you uncomfortable in social or work situations?
  • Are your relationships suffering?
  • How is your self-esteem?
  • Do you have self-love or do you avoid caring for yourself properly?
  • Would you like to leave behind negative self-talk, negative beliefs and diets that don’t work?

Spiritual Wellbeing After a Healing Session

We all have a relationship with food, and when we are triggered by trauma or stress, our system provides a buried ‘unconscious’ default pattern. I specialize in weight loss and eating disorders and my program will give you the opportunity to discover any deep-seated emotional issues that have been holding you back. I offer you a holistic, individually tailored program specifically designed for your needs. Hypnosis and Energy Healing will help you diffuse your anxiety and emotional triggers, reduce your stress response, and pinpoint what your eating patterns have been.

  • Recognize core issues
  • Regulate what and when you eat
  • Strengthen your willpower and feel motivated to exercise
  • Feeling lighter, calmer and more relaxed
  • Having clarity
  • Use tools to counteract self-sabotage
  • Cutting ties with negative people, circumstances and situations
  • Rebalancing

Your Mental Health Connects To Your Physical Health

You are intelligent. You probably already know what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ eat, however this doesn’t always help. Energy Healing Melbourne can help you make life-affirming choices.

How Does It Work?

  1. Precision Hypnosis will support your whole system to be aligned so that your ‘unconscious’ is unified with your ‘conscious’ self.
  2. Your discoveries will support you into clearing old habits and patterns.
  3. Install a new healthier relationship with food.
  4. Connect with a new found energy, vitality and belief in yourself.

As we work from within, you will find that your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, habits and behaviour patterns will correspondingly change. Your new, realigned-self will instinctively choose healthier foods, more exercise and/or activity, and a new mental and emotional blueprint to adhere to. You will be filled with purpose and aliveness.

If you are ready to shift, I’d love to meet you and help you reach your weight loss goals.

I offer you 5 sessions either online via Zoom or In house sessions.

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