Specialising in Clinical Hypnosis and Energy Healing

About Astrid Ritenis

My name is Astrid Ritenis. Over the past 20 years, I have been helping clients overcome pain and trauma and move towards living the life that they do deserve—a life that encourages happiness and satisfaction instead of pain and stress. My ultimate objective has always been to assist people in achieving their goals and dreams, transform their lives for the better, and heal from the pain that ails them. I’m also a mother to a 23 year-old son who is at university, and I enjoy watching him grow, develop, and create his life as I help him navigate through the difficulties of different stages in life.

‍My Qualifications:

I specialise in Hypnotherapy and Energy therapy and choose a natural, holistic approach to helping you heal from your pain and suffering.
Hypnotherapy is a unique and specialised technique that alleviates symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, phobias, and addictions. Through Hypnotherapy, I can treat:
On a personal level, I can help you with:

I utilise life-changing, effective methods to produce long-lasting results for my clients in a completely natural and non-invasive manner. I deliver a gentle, warm, and encouraging environment for my clients to undertake their healing process.

What brought me to this career?

Over my lifetime, I have always held a strong interest in helping people optimise their health and wellbeing. Previously, I owned a catering company that specialised in organic whole foods for people with cancer or suffering from food allergies. I have always maintained a strong interest in wanting to see people reach their full potential and advance their health, whether physically or mentally. In my spare time, I volunteer to assist terminally ill patients, the homeless, and disenfranchised youth and adults.

I feel I have found my purpose and am living my true dream: watching my clients recover, improve their lives, reach their goals, and heal from the pain that has wounded them. I hold so much gratitude for being able to watch their amazing transformations and be a part of their journey to recovery with them.

It is an honour to be a part of your journey through your recovery, and I look forward to taking the first step with you on your way to a better life.