The modern definition of palliative care has altered throughout the years. It is no longer only designed for individuals who are terminally ill; but also for individuals for chronic medical conditions that limit a person’s ability to experience life fully. Palliative care is a natural, holistic treatment for any person that has been professionally diagnosed with serious medical conditions that cannot be cured over the course of the lifetime.

As a non-invasive, holistic approach that improves overall patient quality of life; through both relief and prevention of suffering, this treatment approach used as an early identifier and treatment of pain can resolve spiritual, physical and psychosocial ailments.

The use of natural energy healing therapy for palliative care provides a kindness to patients, as well as families and carers. This healing treatment has the potential of enriching and uplifting the experience for all people involved, to create a peaceful and content environment and reduce the stress, pain and suffering of both patient and their loved ones.

At Energy Healing Melbourne, we understand your stress levels are high in these situations. Our main goal is to ease your pain, reduce your stress, and bring you solace, comfort and peace during your difficult time.

Our sessions are delivered with love, care and respect – and are individually tailored to suit the patients’ needs. We will gather together to commence an Energy Healing session; where I will lead the group through mediation and prayer(non-denominational).

This first step is often an incredible experience and opportunity for both patient and families to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Strength family bonds
  • Promote relaxation
  • Honour oneself and allow time for reflection
  • Reassurance and support your loved one
  • Create some meaningful memories that last a lifetime
  • Support for emotional, social and spiritual concerns

Each session provides a gentle nurturing environment with the utmost kindness, care and dignity. By sharing our spiritual and emotional concerns, we can achieve peace with ourselves which reduces any emotional distress.   If you are searching for a natural method where you can experience peace and contentment, while reducing stress and pain during your difficult time for yourself or your loved one – contact us today at Energy Healing Melbourne.

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