Need to lose weight? Diets alone do not guarantee long term weight loss and can often cause unhealthy eating patterns that lead to problems later in life. If you’re serious about weight loss, becoming healthy and living a better life – consider Gastric Band Hypnosis to assist you in your weight loss journey.

Gastric Band Hypnosis is a 100% safe, effective and non-invasive method to help you with your weight loss goals. Rather than opting for the actual medical procedure of fitting a gastric band – hypnosis delivers the same results through therapy methods instead of surgery. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a completely safe and pain-free procedure.


Gastric Band Hypnosis is a refined technique used by qualified therapists to access your subconscious mind to give you the assumption that you have had a gastric band actually fitted. The overall aim is that on a subconscious level, you will believe that you have had this procedure and that you stomach is reducing in size.

Under hypnosis, therapists can also explore long-forgotten feelings or experiences around foods that may be affecting you today, and can identify the cause of the unhealthy eating patterns.  Your body then responds to the hypnosis suggestions, which makes you feel fuller and reduces your appetite, which has the same results as if you have had the actual surgery.

Gastro Band Hypnosis supports your diet by:

  • Removing the feeling of needing to ‘cheat’
  • Allows you to learn why dieting is not a solution to changing your habits
  • Plants subconscious suggestions to reduce appetite and feel full quicker

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and if your subconscious is open to accepting suggestions then your behavior in turn aligns with your new, healthier thought patterns.


  • Maybe you’ve always struggled with diets, creating an unhealthy ‘yo-yo’ eating issue that impacts your life today.

  • Maybe you aren’t comfortable with yourself, and you miss your ‘old you’ – the healthy and happy version of you.

  • Maybe deep down you know you need to change and get your health back on track before it becomes a serious problem.

You must be willing to work with me with an open mind, be able to accept change and address problematic areas that once caused you the negative coping habit of unhealthy eating. If you are committed to the work, are serious about losing weight and remember to keep an open mind – then you will achieve great results with this treatment. Your mindset is your ally in this journey – access your thoughts and change your mindset for the better, and your body will follow!

Hypno Gastric Band Sessions:

An average hypno gastric band session with me is tailored to five session treatments, which will depend on individual assessment.

Introductory Session) Complimentary FREE assessment to determine if you are suitable for Hypno Gastric Band Therapy.

Session 1) Your full dietary and medical history is taken, and we go into detail on healthy eating habits, how to eat in moderation and exercise more, and most importantly – how to increase your confidence and allow you to believe in yourself!

Session 2) This session targets your negative thinking habits to create positive change in your life, and we examine what situations can trigger unhealthy coping methods and solutions for healthier living.

Session 3) This session is for the virtual ‘fitting’ of the Hypno Gastic Band.

Session 4 & 5) These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and will be structured to suit your individual situation.

All patients report that these sessions and the virtual ‘fitting’ of the Hypno Gastric Band is both calming and enjoyable. There are no side effects to this treatment.

Hypno Gastric Band has been proven to be extremely effective in aiding significant weight loss when combined with moderate diet, exercise and a committed attitude towards your weight loss goals. If you are open minded, prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle – YOU are the key to your own success!

Make an investment in your health today.

I am committed to assisting and guiding you.

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